Sarina Lowe

Sarina Lowe

Sponsorship and Partnership Specialist

Sarina Lowe is a Sponsorship and Partnership Specialist and the founder of consulting agency The Androsia Connection. 


With a passion for creating partnerships with purpose, Sarina has mastered the ability to help connect an organisation's partnership strategy with its business values and objectives. An experienced facilitator, Sarina guides her clients through the art of shifting sponsorships into partnerships that deliver return on investment, business value and strategic alignment.


Prior to starting her own business, Sarina spent the best part of a decade working in sponsorship, creative marketing, major events, digital strategy and customer experience. She has held Commercial Partnership Manager roles at both Carlton and Essendon Football Clubs, RMIT University and she recently worked with the Event Experience team at the 2022 Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix. 


When she’s not promoting the power of purposeful partnerships, Sarina enjoys connecting with new people, especially as a mentor to women in business. And whenever there’s spare time in her week, you’ll find Sarina at a yoga or pilates studio just sipping distance from a soy cappuccino.