Adrian Baillargeon

Adrian Baillargeon

Former Head of Health and Care Engagement, BUPA

As an author, speaker, facilitator and accredited executive coach, Adrian helps leadership teams to shine in times of uncertainty. With 20+ years of corporate experience across Canada, Africa and Australia, Adrian is well versed in the challenges that come from working in complex, ever-changing situations. He has worked extensively in marketing and sponsorships, most recently as Bupa's Head of Health and Care Engagement.  

Sponsors, rights holders and agencies need to swear more

Adrian also facilitates workshops, speaks at rightsholders' conferences and provides 1:1 coaching support across the trifecta of relationships of sponsorships to ensure that sponsorship, commercial and agency managers swear more by each other, not about each other. 

Do organisations understand sponsorships? 

Adrian realised very few people within his organisation understood the nuances of managing a sponsorship portfolio. As a result, the Sponsorship Lab for Brands was established, providing sponsorship managers with the opportunity to talk shop, and share learnings, opportunities, solutions and challenges that come from working with internal and external stakeholders.